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 Sir Lawrence Gowing was an admirer of Michael's art.  Read the 

unfiltered biography of the i pornographer story  with many inspirational names, references below. Sir Lawrence Gowing ' "Great art, according to Gowing, was a balance between the human and imaginative experience and the intrinsic elements of observation. Gowing's writing focuses on what he personally described as''the pressure exerted by the presence of the real''


Sir Lawrence Gowing 1918–1991 | Tate 

Gowing was a trustee of the Tate Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, and the British Museum, and was a member of the Arts Council of Great Britain. In 1978, he was elected an associate of the Royal Academy of Arts, and was made honorary curator of its collections in 1985.[1] In the 1980s he travelled to the United States to serve as Kress Professor at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.,[1] and was also curator of the Phillips Collection in Washington.[2] Knighted in 1982, he was made a chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters in France in 1985.[


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                          History of Sex & Violence

I Pornographerbooks Michael J Freeman

“I Pornographer” is a true autobiography that tells how I was wrongfully convicted of the murder of Gerry Hawley a Soho gangster a man who was convicted of slashing Pamela Spencer from vagina to her breasts and thus scaring her for life. I am alive to tell the tale I am still researching the I Pornographer series and if you know or have heard of Gerald Hawley, Pamela Spencer or anyone who knew them in the Sixties please email me.
Corrupt police officers threatened witnesses and suppressed evidence of Hawley’s three convictions for violence, including grievous bodily harm, malicious wounding and demanding money with menaces, describing him as Catholic Church goer with just two previous old convictions for minor offences. Help me re-open my cold case. Scotland Yard can investigate cases from the Sixties like recent arrests in sex cases prove. How about murder? 

Freedom Of Information 


 references within  I Pornographer series: Adolph F BUCHMANN - Arthur Harris -Aldous  Huxley - Brien -Alan Stocker -Auschwitz-Birkenau - Ancient Greece - Bee Gees - Dougie McKinnon - British Red Cross - Balthus -Barbara Windsor -Bay City Rollers -Bruce Reynolds -Benito Mussolini - Tony Blair  -Berl Kutchinsky-Bill Moody (detective) -Bullingdon Club -Bruce Reynolds -British Videogram Association -Charles Manson - Cynthia Payne -Carlton Club -Cyril Black the MP -Church of England -Charles Manson - Corinna Seeds -Common Agricultural Policy -Color Climax Magazine - David Sullivan West Ham owner  -Decca Records -Dire Straits -Das Kapital -George Orwell - Gay News -David Webb -De Wolfe Music - David Waterfield His Common-law Wife Dwina - Derek Malcolm -Dylan Thomas - Naturist Club -Eros and Civilization - European Convention on Human Rights -Francis Bacon -Freedom of Information -Frank Pakenham 7th Earl of Longford -Freddie Foreman -Game for a Laugh -Hugh Hefner -Hansard -Hollywood Reporter - Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers- Home Office -Humphrey Ocean -Herbert Marcuse -Hugh Casson -  Ham & High Podcast - Honor Blackman -The Holy See -Ian Mitchell - Iraq -  Inside Time -John Platts-Mills  -Jim Humphries books and biography  -Jeremy Bentham -John Lennon -John McVicar  -John Yudkin -  Jack Straw -   James Anderton -Kray twins -Karl Marx Das Kapital -Lord Rothermere - Lord Boothby   LBC  - Lord Sainsbury - Lindsay Honey AKA Ben Dover -Linzi Drew- Lawrence Gowing -Metropolitan Police -McVicar - Margaret Thatcher Thatchers Gold -Moral Re Armament -Maudsley Hospital -Mary Whitehouse -MK ULTRA - MIPCOM -Maidstone HM Prison -The News of the World -Nursing Times -Nosher Powell -National Campaign for the Reform of the Obscene  - Oxfam - Old Bailey -Peter Anthony Dunford - Pink Floyd - Paul McCartney -Peter Morrell  -Paula Meadows -Princess Margaret - Princess -Playboy -Psychopathia Sexualis -psychiatrists -Princess Michael of Kent's - HM Prison Parkhurst - Paul Gauguin -Ruth Ellis - Rotten Tomatoes - Royal Protection Squad - Russell Brand's -Royal Academy of Arts - RADA -Sigmund Freud -Serpentine Galleries -Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent weapons -Slade School of Fine Art - Shakespeare -Sex museum Amsterdam - Story of O - Salvador Dalí  - Scotland Yard - What was the sword of Damocles -Soundaround Nigel -Tuppy Owens - The Mirror -Three Degrees - Telegraph -Utopia -Victor Lownes - Vincent van Gogh - Way of the Warrior -William Whitelaw -  Williams Report on Obscenity and Film Censorship -: -About Lambeth Palace  -World War II - Prince Charles AKA King Charles

Inventing the Victorians by Matthew Sweet

 PINK FLOYD - The Dark Side Of The Moon (50th Anniversary) [2023 Remaster] {Full Album}

THE PAGES CONTINUE -Trobriander Islanders  Malinowski  paradise on Earth where everyone lived in peace -





I Pornographer Biography
Erotic stories by Michael J Freeman

One of my early interests was painting, drawing and photography. My forte was the erotic. In the Sixties I began producing erotica in photography and film. I was a student at St Martins School of Art in Charing X Road in London's West End. One evening I met an artist who after looking at my sketch book introduced me to a Soho book shop owner who purchased my erotic drawings for what was a tidy sum of money in those days.

Eventually I was charged under the Obscene Publications Act and spent time in prison. The arresting officer an inspector Moody was corrupt and I began paying him to avoid going to prison again.






                                    My Erotic books

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                                                                   Schoolboys - Borstal Boys 

Freeman on the Land 

Introduction to the future . Michael j Freeman

I Pornographer

Forced Childcare by Government Agenda   Michael J Freeman

Michael J Freeman

Censorship series - SEXUAL FREEDOM Filmed  & supported by Linda Pow

Filmed by Simon Fletcher supported by Dr Oliver Carter. More... if this video does not show here. Google search Hardcore Guaranteed or via youtube search.

Reference:  Age of Consent -pleasures of sex

The Nonce  

A gripping tale of a forbidden and passionate love affair..
In the political climate of the time 1985 in Thatcher’s Britain he is made an example of and sentenced to eighteen months in prison.
Read about the brutal, violent and degrading environment in the closed prison Bandsworth where he is first sent, the screws, the homosexuality, the drugs, corruption, endemic violence and how prisoners are made to behave by the offer of early parole and a move to an open prison.
Sean is labelled a “Nonce” the derogatory word for convicts who have been found guiltyof having sex with someone under the age of consent.Because of this he is attacked,,but is able to defend himself because he is fit, strong and an expert in martial arts.
In contrast to the violence read about the uninhibited ,passionate lovemaking between Sean and Rita a modern Romeo and Juliet
Read about Sean’s experiments with hallucinogenic fungi  his aesthetic perceptions into reality, a la Salvador Dali, one of his idols, and to create 
Finally read about his passionate love of drawing and painting in creating his forte in the genre of erotic art.

I know that you will find this controversial book a fascinating read.

The Story

Creating process 2021/2022/2023/2024

What we need is a new religion” and It kept on popping up in my mind and finally I knew that I had to try and create a new religion.
It had to be a religion that brought everyone together rather than the old divisive manmade ones that separated and controlled people and were used by the priests and the state as an excuse to make war.
The religion had to be a natural one obeying the laws of Nature so after two moons I finally finished Creatism.
I hope that you will practise it and change the world we live in and restore our planet back to the beautiful garden it once was and that the human race will live in harmony in a Paradise on Earth... Link  Read Free

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To Hardcore Guaranteed 

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